Differences between an oven and an electric oven. Which is better to choose?

The question: "which oven to choose" usually arises if the oven is installed separately from the hob. Find out how gas and electric models differ from each other, and which option is considered more preferable and better today.

Some 10-15 years ago oven was considered an integral part of the stove and the entire catering department as a whole.

However, many modern housewives deliberately refuse the oven, acquiring only a hob.

But if delicious homemade cakes, unusual pizza, “overseas” lasagna or familiar French meat are an obligatory part of the diet for someone, then the oven in such a house just needed.

Let's figure out which oven is better gas or electric, and which is more profitable to buy today. What are the differences between the devices, as well as the pros and cons of each.

The principle of operation of the gas oven

Both the gas and electric oven is a metal box equipped with a working chamber, heat-insulating material and ventilation holes.

The principle of operation in both cases is identical: the heat from the heating element is transferred to the product in the oven, which, heating up to a maximum of 250-280 ° C, gradually cooks.

The burner acts as a heating element in a gas oven..

It may be located:

  • in the center of the oven, while its shape is most often identical to the shapes of gas burners on the hob;
  • around the perimeter of the oven and have the shape of a spiral or an elongated oval.

At the same time, the latest generation gas-powered devices are very different from the models that were presented in stores some 5-10 years ago.

After all they "know how" to cook food using convection, as well as emit a sound signal at the end of cooking.

Some modern gas models can be supplemented with an electric grill. However, it is not yet possible to use both gas and electricity at the same time.

Important! In all other respects, they are very similar to the models of previous years, since the same principle of operation leads them to work.
  • Turning the stove knob or pressing its button opens the gas supply to the burner.
  • The combustible substance, passing through the burner nozzle, mixes with air and comes to the surface.
  • The gas is ignited with matches (special lighters) or automatically.

After that, the air in the oven slowly heats up and rises.

The principle of operation of an electric oven

The role of the heating element in electrical models perform heating elements, which are usually located above and below the working chamber.

Keep in mind! However, you can also find models on the back of which a third heating element is installed.

Accordingly, if it becomes necessary to use the device as a microwave oven, then, depending on the selected program, the cabinet includes:

  • lower heater, if you need to defrost food with warm air;
  • fan if food is to be defrosted with cold air;
  • all heating elements and a fan, if you need to quickly heat up the finished dish.

Similarly, you can adjust the oven during cooking.

So, for example, to speed up cooking, you just need to use three heating elements at once.

Technical requirements for devices

You can talk for a long time about the advantages and disadvantages of various ovens.

But if the house or apartment is not connected to a centralized gas network, then in this case it does not make sense to buy a gas oven.

Note! It is very dangerous to connect a gas oven not to a central network, but to a cylinder with a liquefied combustible substance.

And, on the contrary, if a residential building was built 15-20-25 years ago, it means that its electrical networks are not at all designed for heavy loads.

Accordingly, having installed an electric oven in such an apartment, you should prepare in advance at least to replace the wiring.

Besides, such large household appliances cannot be used if there is no grounding. Otherwise, electric shock cannot be avoided.

Advantages and disadvantages of a gas oven


The most important plus of a gas oven is hidden in its ease of use.

This technique has an intuitive control panel that is easy to interact with for both children and older people.

In addition, gas appliances more durable than electric models. After all, they do not have heating elements that can literally fail in a few years.

Here are some more reasons why you should choose this technique:

  • its standard the volume exceeds the volume of the electrical appliance;
  • the air inside the cooking chamber heats up fasterthan in a model powered by electricity;
  • if the light suddenly goes out suddenly, a delicious dinner will not stop preparing.
Should know! Gas burners heat the oven in about 5-7 minutes.


The main disadvantage of a gas oven is minimal set of built-in functions.

And if we add to this the fact that this technique more expensive than other models, a plus “cannot” keep warm for a long time, then the thought of buying a gas oven no longer seems so attractive.

The heating temperature of a gas oven is always determined approximately, and electrical cabinets allow you to set its exact value.

Advantages and disadvantages of an electric oven


Reference! The electric oven is an improved and safer prototype of the gas model that comes with a lot of cool and really useful features.

For example, it might have:

  • top, bottom and back heating;
  • double-circuit grill;
  • steam generator;
  • bread machine;
  • Microwave.

Respectively, even a novice cook or culinary specialist, with all his “great” desire, will not be able to spoil a dish in such a cabinet.

Besides, most electric ovens "cant» get rid of fat on your own, because they are equipped with a "pyrolytic cleaning" function.


The main disadvantage of the electrical cabinet is its energy consumption. After all, the cost of 1 kW of electricity is higher than the cost of 1 m3 of gas.

Note! However, if the device is to be used irregularly, then the cost of its operation will be small.

The higher the class of the electrical cabinet, the less electricity it consumes.

Also, the disadvantages of devices powered by electricity can be attributed to them high "dependence" on power surges.

And if you do not install a special protective shutdown device in advance, you can not only disable the equipment, but also become a “part” of the short circuit circuit.

Difficulty in mastering the touch control panel - this is an unobvious minus.

It is important only if such a device is to be used by children or pensioners.

Summing up

Ordinary buyers are of little interest in the installation of gas and electric ovens.

The main guidelines for them are the size of the oven, its functionality and price. For this reason, it is better to use the following conclusions than to buy an oven at random.

So, both gas and electric modern ovens:

  • safe;
    The “gas control” function is responsible for the safe operation of the first type of equipment, and the residual current device is responsible for the safety of the other model.
    However, even the most advanced models of gas-powered ovens should not be left unattended.
    After all, the smart “gas-control” function may one day fail, and this, in turn, can lead to the poisoning of the whole family.
  • aesthetically pleasing;
    A wide range of models allows you to choose an oven for almost any style or color of the kitchen.
    At the same time, if appliances powered by the mains can be installed both in the upper and lower parts of the kitchen, then gas-powered ovens can only be located at the bottom.
  • functional.
    However, the functionality of large electrical household appliances is much higher than a gas oven.
    After all, she can cook both according to pre-prescribed recipes, and according to the author's, created independently.

So here it is if financial possibilities allow, and all technical requirements are met, then in a modern kitchen it is better to install an electric oven.

But the gas oven should not be written off, since its performance and durability have been proven by more than one generation of housewives.

Useful video

From this video you will learn which is better - an electric or gas oven:

  1. Violet He speaks

    We bought a BOSCH HBF554YS0R oven in December 2018 and did not lose! He has become an amazing helper in the kitchen. He helped out many times, and what ruddy and magnificent pies are obtained in it! The only thing, the sales assistant warned that it is necessary to clarify who assembled this model: Turkish or Italian manufacturers. He advised us to take the Italian model and for good reason. After all, the analogue from Turkey was, although cheaper, but the quality left much to be desired. I recommend the Italian BOSCH HBF554YS0R oven!

  2. Katerina He speaks

    We read the article, bought an Electrolux OPEA 4300 electric oven, were satisfied with the purchase, but two important points of use. Before that, I used the Hephaestus gas oven, the taste of food, of course, is different, although it may be a matter of habit. Little power is used, even if both the burners and the oven are used. Usually, this is exactly what housewives are afraid of when choosing gas or electricity, electricity is more expensive than gas.
    In terms of functionality, Electrolux, of course, will give odds to Hephaestus, but in terms of cooking speed, purely subjectively, gas cooks faster.

    1. Igor He speaks

      Most importantly, do not forget to connect it correctly and safely to the electrical network, use a 2.5 mm cable and a separate line from the switchboard.

  3. Elena He speaks

    Used both electric and gas ovens. We had Hephaestus - an electric oven, it heats up longer, but it also cools down longer, it is more functional than gas, with built-in top and bottom airflow and many different functions. But. A gas oven bakes better. It instantly heats up and does not depend on electricity, which is important in the private sector, like ours, where the electricity is planned to be turned off. So they could not adapt to the new miracle of technology. And for many years now we have been enjoying the old, but such a beloved gas oven. And the pies from there are absolutely special!

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