How to choose the right electric oven? Parameter List

Today, there are many models of built-in electric ovens on the Russian market. All of them differ in size, design, functionality and price. In order for the choice of a kitchen device to be correct, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the features of the technical device and functionality in advance.

Built-in ovens become an excellent alternative to unaesthetic white enamel cookers.

From year to year choosing an electric oven becomes more difficult as Equipment is constantly being updated with new features.

To choose the right built-in oven, future buyers need to study its design options and design features.

To choose a reliable and proven electric oven, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most popular models in terms of price and quality ratio.

The table contains the models that received the highest reviews on the Yandex.Market service.

Inexpensive segment up to 25,000 rubles
#1Electrolux EZB 52410 AK
#2GEFEST YES 602-01 H1
#3Simfer B6EW16011
#4Bosch HBF534EB0R
#5Fornelli FEA 45 Corrente BL
Middle segment 25,000-50,000 rubles
#1Weissgauff OE 445 X
#2Gorenje BO 7530 CLB
#3Bosch HBG634BS1
#4Bosch HBG337YB0R
#5Hotpoint-Ariston FI7 871 SC IX
Premium from 50,000 rubles
#1Bosch HBG634BS1
#2Bosch HBG633BB1
#3NEFF B17CR22N1
#5Smeg SF6922XPZE1

What is the device?

It is worth noting! Built-in electric oven - a device with precise heating control, with an error of 1 degree.

Warming up to the desired temperature occurs in a matter of minutes. Temperature range varies from 30°C to 500°C.

It is worth noting that heating of the inner chamber occurs evenly.

This means that housewives have the opportunity to effectively prepare even the most complex dishes.

In addition, no combustion products are formed during the operation of the device.

Embedding type: independent or dependent cabinet

Ovens are divided into dependent and independent.

The dependent cabinet has a common control panel with the hob and is installed under it.

Such a kit is the same good gas stove, but only built-in.

Keep in mind! A dependent kit from electric bottom and gas top is also possible, but there are too few such models on the market.

An independent oven has its own control panel and is not dependent on other kitchen appliances in any way.

Typically, such a cabinet is installed in a pencil case along with a microwave.

Also, the independence of the oven allows you to install a hob with any number of burners in the kitchen.

How to choose: what to look for?

Before purchasing an oven, it is necessary to determine its type and functionality.

Many buyers often cannot understand the wide range of appliances, so they should study in advance the parameters on the basis of which the choice is made.

Control system

Note! The more expensive the built-in electric oven, the more perfect its control system.

Exists 2 types of control: electronic and electromechanical.

Electronic type It is characterized by the presence of a touch panel, which includes all the necessary modes and buttons.

On a special display you can see information about the selected mode, temperature and cooking time.

Electronic-mechanical control performed using rotary switches.

Older people often buy such equipment, since it is easier for them to deal with rotating handles than with touch buttons.

Oven Cleaning Methods

Washing the cabinet takes a lot of time, so models have appeared on the market that can get rid of this routine work.

Exists 4 oven cleaning methods:

  1. Catalytic.
    The enamel that covers the inner walls of the chamber contains catalysts.
    They are oxides of manganese and copper.
    At high temperatures, chemicals break down fat into carbon and water.
    The resulting soot is then easily removed with a damp cloth.
  2. Steam water.
    The impact on fat occurs with hot water vapor.
    It turns out naturally - by heating water, and is fed to the walls of the chamber using special holes.
    To enable the steam-water cleaning function, the user needs to pour water into a special container and preheat the oven.
  3. Pyrolytic.
    The oven is heated to +500°C, after which the decomposition of fat and other contaminants occurs by burning them into ashes.
    This is an effective way that does not require effort from the outside.
    However, many buyers note that there is an unpleasant smell in the kitchen during cleaning.
  4. Traditional.
    It is a method of cleaning with water, a sponge and detergents.
    Due to the fact that the inner walls of the chamber are covered with waterproof enamel, dirt and grease can easily come off the surface if you wash it every time after cooking.

Oven dimensions and installation rules

The standard oven measures 60x60x56 cm, in it you can cook a large dish for 4-6 servings.

However, in some cases, a cabinet of non-standard sizes is required.

Stay up to date! The 45 cm wide oven is suitable for small kitchens. For spacious kitchens, appliances with a width of 90 cm should be preferred.

Low models, 38-55 cm high, most often have the function of a microwave oven, which means they will replace it if there is not enough space.

Regardless of the size of the oven, the depth of the chamber in all models is approximately the same - 60 cm.


Included in the device always includes a pair of baking sheets and wire racks.

The presence of all other items is determined by the cost of the oven.

The pans can be non-stick or enamel coated and come in a variety of sizes and depths.

Note! Some models may include glass baking sheets or baking stones.

Culinary functionality

Each individual appliance is equipped with various functions that are difficult to do without during cooking.

The most up-to-date features are:

  1. heating modes.
    Each model has at least two heating elements.
    They can work separately or simultaneously.
    More advanced devices have an additional built-in fan, which contributes to the uniform baking of the dish.
  2. Additional modes.
    Modern ovens can not only bake food, but also defrost it.
    Defrosting occurs under the influence of the fan with heating up to 30°C.
    Also, some models have modes for languishing and fermenting food.
  3. Steam function.
    More expensive models are equipped with this feature.
    Steaming, unlike frying, helps to avoid the loss of nutrients and vitamins.
  4. microwave module.
    Allows you to combine two appliances at once in one device: an oven and a microwave oven.
    In addition, the oven with microwave mode improves the ergonomics of the room, without giving up a useful device.
  5. Automatic programs.
    A function that allows housewives to build the correct temperature for cooking a particular dish.
    To do this, use the search and select the appropriate mode.
  6. Spit.
    This feature will appeal to meat lovers.
    The skewer ensures uniform roasting of the whole bird planted on it.
  7. Temperature probe.
    This modification allows you to monitor the temperature of the meat both inside the piece and outside.

oven door

In the process of buying an oven, you should pay attention to the door. She is should be securely fixed and easy to recline.

If the folding mechanism familiar to many is inconvenient for the buyer, then he can pay attention to models with hinged doors on hinges - they open to the side.

Important! The number of glasses in the door can be different: from 1 to 4. The more glasses, the less the door heats up.

Heating modes

Built-in electric ovens have 3 heating modes:

  • lower;
  • upper;
  • bilateral.

bottom heating - heating the lower surface of the chamber. Warm air rises, bypassing the dish.

This mode is used for products that do not require heating from above.

Top heating - heating the upper surface of the chamber.

The air slowly descends. This mode is used to bake the top of the dish.

Double side heating - combination of upper and lower heating. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the entire volume of the chamber.

Power and energy efficiency

Reference! A built-in oven is an electric heater, which means it must have enough power to heat the chamber.

The minimum temperature for a budget oven should be -250°C.

A power of 2.5-3 kW is sufficient for most tasks. Fancy models have increased power - 3.5-4 kW.

Particular attention should be paid energy efficiency class. He must be at least A or B.

But it is best to choose models with the highest energy efficiency ratings, denoted by the symbols A ++ and A +.

Security questions

A built-in oven, like any electrical appliance, must be safe.

For example, grounding, or safety chains, which also prevent the device from burning out, protects a person from electric shock.

Remember! During the purchase process, the user should pay attention to the details that increase safety and comfort:
  1. Cooling system - allows the walls of the chamber and the door to remain cold, despite the high temperature inside.
  2. Lighting - is present in almost all models, but it is still worth making sure that this function is available.
  3. blocking In other words, "protection from children."
    By setting the lock, the parent does not have to worry about the safety of the child.


When making electric ovens use enameled and stainless steel.

Shades models can vary from warm to cold.

Sometimes the same model can be found in different colors.

In addition, manufacturers know that kitchens have their own interior style, so produce ovens in retro and high-tech styles.

What additional functionality should I pay attention to?

Need to know! There are nuances that cannot be attributed to any of the above points, but they still play an important role when choosing a built-in oven.

Additional features that you should pay attention to at the time of purchase:

  1. Thermostat - a function responsible for additional security.
    If the oven overheats, all heating elements are turned off.
  2. Timer - automatically turns off the equipment at the end of the program and notifies you of the readiness of the dish with a sound signal.

Many housewives also pay attention to the presence of such programs as: "Extinguishing" and "Lanning".

These functions are specially designed for slow cooking at low temperatures.

Top 6 oven models

In the process of acquiring a kitchen appliance, you should rely not only on its characteristics, but also on the manufacturer.

  1. Gorenje BO 53 CLI - an oven with a rich set, created under an old design.
  2. Electrolux EZB 52410 AX - an inexpensive, but reliable oven with a clear and safe way to control.
  3. Hansa BOEI62000015 - High-quality oven with good characteristics.
  4. Bosch CMG636BS1 — model with compact dimensions and electronic control.
  5. Kuppersberg HO 655T - a device from the middle price segment with a familiar design.
  6. BEKO BIE 21300W - a budget electric oven with a very presentable look.


In conclusion, once again Steps to take when choosing an electric oven:

  • decide on dimensions devices;
  • select control type (mechanical or electronic);
  • mark the desired functionsthat the oven must have.

Useful video

This video provides an overview of the best electric ovens:

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    It's good that now the oven can be built almost anywhere. We will soon be installing Hotpoint, and at eye level, and not on the floor, I can’t wait.

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    A huge plus in modern ovens is that they are completely electric, there is no gas burning that is harmful to health. Large selection of additional features. An electric cabinet can completely replace a microwave oven. I am not cheating on my beloved Bosch company.

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    We use an Electrolux oven. I am satisfied with everything, I put two pallets at once and turn on the heating from above and below. I pull out the upper pallet after 40 minutes, the second after another 10 minutes. This saves a lot of time. As for the telescopic handles, it is convenient that dirt does not accumulate, but when the son was small, he liked to press the handles, but so far everything seems to be intact ...

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    It seems to me now it is easier to take a microwave. Whirlpool built in a microwave, as you can cook in it like in an oven

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