How to choose a drip coffee maker for your home? Pros and cons of this type of device

Modern small market household appliances offers a wide range of devices for making coffee. When choosing a consumer, it is very easy to get confused.

One of the popular devices that prepares a flavored drink is drip coffee maker. Consider the functionality and principle of operation of such a device, as well as which model to choose for the home.

What is a drip coffee maker (coffee machine)?

The drip type coffee machine is an electric appliance with a heater, where hot water passes through a filter with ground coffee, then enters the tank.

Note! Saturation of aroma and strength is achieved due to the slow passage of water through the ground grains.

In the process, a very tasty drink is obtained.

The principle of operation of the drip coffee machine:

  1. The tank is filled with water.
  2. The required amount of ground coffee beans is placed in the filter (the filter can be polymer or disposable paper).
  3. The coffee machine closes, the operating button is pressed.
  4. Water flows to the heating element. Under the influence of high temperatures, the process of formation of steam begins.
  5. Hot the steam rises to the top of the apparatus through the exhaust pipes, where it cools slightly, condenses into droplets. Their temperature at this stage becomes about 90 degrees.
  6. Drops fall through a single hole directly to the ground grains.
  7. Slowly flowing through the drink, the drops are saturated with aroma, after which they flow directly into the flask.
  8. After that, a delicious drink falls into the cup, ready to drink.
Interesting! A drip coffee machine has other names - filtration, flow.

Who is suitable for this type of device?

If the buyer plans to purchase a coffee machine that will prepare a variety of drinks, such as latte, espresso, cappuccino, then this device is completely unsuitable.

Coffee maker drip type cooks exclusively americano, therefore its purchase is advisable only for connoisseurs of this type of drink.

Note! If a coffee lover wants to get something stronger than a natural drink, filled with boiling water from a kettle, then he will be disappointed in the drip machine.

But it should be noted that this coffee machine is easy to use and reliable.

Usually, for a drip-type coffee maker, ground grains of medium or strong roast are taken.

Pros and cons

Drip coffee machines have such advantages and Benefits:

  1. low cost. Compared to capsule or carob coffee machines, drip coffee machines are much more affordable for many categories of the population for use at home.
  2. Lightness and ease of care, use. The principle of operation of the coffee machine is simple. Therefore, operation and maintenance is also easy.
  3. Possibility to prepare several drinks at once. Such a device is suitable for a friendly family with a large number of coffee lovers.
  4. Presence of heating function. You can prepare several servings of the drink without worrying that it will soon cool down.In addition, you do not need to load the necessary ingredients into the coffee maker every time.
  5. In addition to aromatic coffee, drip type coffee machine can also make tea.
  6. In finished coffee no thick left.

Concerning disadvantages and disadvantages drip coffee maker, then these include:

  1. Required change the filter regularly.
  2. After each use, the device must be washed.
  3. Not very hot and not too strong coffee. But in this case, it all depends on individual preferences, because some people can attribute these parameters to advantages.
  4. Large consumption of ground coffee. Too expensive financially for lovers of elite varieties of drink.
  5. After cooking no cream foam, which many coffee lovers appreciate very much.

Compared to the benefits of drip machines, the cons are not as significant for some people.

That's why you need to know the functionality and principle of operation of the device before buying.

How to choose for home use?

When choosing a specific drip coffee machine parameters to be taken into account:

  1. Used coffee. Drip coffee machines require ground coffee. Many people choose this device because of the budget, because if the device has a built-in coffee grinder, this greatly affects the cost.
  2. Volume. This parameter determines the number of servings of coffee that the coffee maker can prepare at a time. That's why the volume should be chosen depending on the number of lovers of aromatic drink in the family. But there is no need to chase the maximum volume - this way the coffee will be prepared longer. It should be noted that the larger the tank, the more expensive the device.
  3. Heater type. For drip coffee machines, there is 2 types of heater - boiler and thermoblock. The boiler is a metal container with a heating element inside. It takes longer to heat water than a thermoblock. In the latter, the water warms up at the moment of passing through the heat exchanger, the drink is prepared much faster. The disadvantage of the thermoblock is that it is much more difficult to control its purity, so more frequent decalcification is required..
  4. Power. This parameter affects the speed of preparation of the drink. But the speed in this case does not mean the high quality of the finished coffee. Water will not be able to dissolve all the tonic and aromatic substances, as a result of which the product will turn out to be tasteless, very liquid. For a volume of a drip coffee machine less than a liter, 400-700 W of power is enough.
  5. Anti-drip system. This is the valve that closes when the coffee machine container is removed from the heating plate. When the coffee has already stopped coming out, but its preparation is still ongoing, the drink begins to accumulate inside the device. It is in the valve that the remaining drops of the drink fall. Thanks to him, it is not necessary to wait for the last drops to flow out.
  6. Autoheating plate. The function of this component is to maintain a high temperature of the finished drink in the vessel. It continues to heat after the coffee has been brewed. If the device has an auto-off function, then the auto-heating plate turns off with it.
  7. Timer. Auxiliary function that allows you to set a specific time for preparing a drink, for example, early morning. That is, immediately after waking up, you can immediately enjoy fragrant, freshly brewed coffee.
  8. Adjusting the coffee temperature. It changes the taste of the drink. So, lower temperature makes the taste more sour, and higher temperature gives a slight bitterness.
  9. Adjusting the amount of hot water. With its help, you can set the amount of coffee that the machine will prepare in 1 cycle.
  10. Automatic decalcification. This function allows you to easily descale the coffee machine. If hard water is used, then decalcification is a mandatory option, since scale that has accumulated on the heating element can damage the device. Coffee makers without this function will have to be regularly decalcified manually.
  11. coffee flask material. It is recommended to pay attention to the material from which the coffee vessel is made. It is better if it is glass, since even the highest quality food-grade plastic becomes coated with coffee over time, which negatively affects the taste of the drink.
  12. Filter type and material. The filter material is also of great importance. It is recommended to use disposable paper filters, as reusable ones can let in small coffee crumbs, worsening the taste of the drink. Moreover, they should also be changed regularly.
Note! Given all the features of the functionality of drip coffee machines, every coffee lover will be able to choose the right option for themselves.


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Victoria, 27 years old:

I have always loved good coffee, I decided to enjoy it without leaving home by buying a drip type coffee machine. Without much effort, I prepare a drink in the morning for the whole day - with the auto-heating function, it is always fresh.

Alexey, 43 years old:

I have a big family, everyone loves to have a cup of coffee in the morning. It was always a pity for my wife - after all, to cook 1 serving for each, then not only a lot of effort, but also time. The drip coffee maker made her life easier - it sets a timer in the evening, after waking up everything is ready.

Elena, 22 years old:

Morning coffee is a tradition for me. Therefore, I can not imagine life without a good coffee maker. I bought with a small volume, since I live alone. It's nice to immediately start the coffee ceremony after the bath procedures in the morning.

Maxim, 30 years old:

The drip coffee maker, in my opinion, is for lazy people. Which I am. I don't want to bother with making coffee, and the machine does everything for me.

Useful video

Watch this video to learn more about using this type of coffee maker:

A drip coffee machine is a very simple and easy-to-use device. Besides, budget cost allows you to have it in almost every home.

Despite the fact that the drinks prepared with the help of such a coffee machine are not full of variety, true coffee lovers will appreciate the deep, rich taste of the drink.

  1. Tatiana He speaks

    Start the morning with a cup of aromatic drink - what could be more pleasant .... A drink prepared on a convenient and practical coffee maker only adds positive emotions. Therefore, my choice is a drip coffee maker!

  2. Igor He speaks

    I was not very impressed with the use of a drip coffee maker.Coffee is prepared quite slowly and despite the heating of the flask it has time to cool down a little, and I love scalding coffee. In addition, it seemed to me that the drink does not have such a rich taste as brewed, for example, in a Turk. Yes, and washing all the bells and whistles after each cooking also tires me.

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