Varieties of capsules for coffee machines and their characteristics. Advantages of reusable models

If you are a passionate fan of coffee and can not imagine the morning without this hot drink, then, of course, you know how to cook it perfectly. However, there is not always enough time to fuss around the stove, but you want something tasty - and what to do?

Help comes capsule coffee machinedevice that is itself prepares coffee, requiring a person only to monitor the cleanliness of the apparatus and correctly select capsules.

What are capsules and their composition?

Externally, the coffee capsule looks like a small glass with a lid, made using a special technology. Inside is coffee: roasted, ground and pressed.

In one cup - 1 serving for about 7-9 grams. The capsule is inserted into a special compartment in which punctures are made on it from two sides: boiling water is supplied under pressure from one side, and the finished drink is filtered from the other.

Reference! Not everyone knows the difference between a coffee maker and a coffee machine. The coffee machine requires only laying coffee capsules and pressing a button - it does the rest by itself.

coffee maker much more human attention is required: it is necessary not only to lay the capsule or add ground coffee, but also to correctly form the coffee tablet, remove the grounds and clean the filter.

Materials for manufacturing

  1. Aluminium foil. Used by most manufacturers. The foil protects coffee from the negative effects of the metal, which eliminates harm to the human body.. The packaging is recyclable (eg Nespresso models).
  2. food grade plastic (polymer materials). Environmentally friendly raw materials, which itself does not have an unpleasant odor, and does not absorb the smell of coffee.
  3. Combination of aluminum foil and polymer materials with an admixture of a small percentage of cellulose. They can be recycled, however, a significant "minus" is the lack of processing of the inner surface.

Advantages and disadvantages

First, let's list dignity:

  1. Using them is easy and simple: just put them in the compartment, set the device the necessary parameters, and in the end - throw away the used packagingwithout wasting time cleaning and washing out the hated grounds from the coffee machine.
  2. coffee machine handles capsules absolutely silently.
  3. Since the parameters you set (water temperature, grind size) remain unchanged, then the taste and quality of your favorite drink does not change. The cap allows you to keep the aroma, taste and richness longer.
  4. Universal. You can prepare any desired variety, as well as mix different ones, creating a unique drink.
  5. Easy to calculate portions of the prepared drink, which is actively used in restaurants, coffee shops and bars.

Flaws there are also, but they are few:

  1. The cost of capsule coffee is significantly more expensive.than grain or ground, so there is no need to talk about savings here.
  2. For a certain line of devices, its type is suitable.

Research the market before buying a coffee machine, rating, compare assortment and pricesso that in the future you do not need to scour the whole city in search of capsules.

If you rented the device for a while, it will be a little easier for you: you can take the capsules from the landlord or find out from him where you can get or order them.



Manufacturer of coffee capsules for coffee machines and coffee makers – Nestle company. It was this brand that first began to develop this product and still does not lose its relevance. It puts up 16 types of coffee for sale, with Arabica coffee prevailing..

The range consists of:

  • Lungo (soft and rich appearance, per 110 ml cup),
  • Espresso: 7 varieties plus 3 elite,
  • Decaffeinated coffee,
  • Hot chocolate
  • Tea with mountain herbs

The cost of a package of 10 pieces is from 320 rubles.

Dolce Gusto

For Delonghi and Dolce Gusto (Krups) devices. Produced by the brand Nescafe. Food-safe plastic is used in production. The range is extensive: more than 20 flavors are available for Russian coffee lovers.

Arabica dominates with varying amounts of robusta. For sale are limited products with 100% Brazilian Arabica.
Also there are:

  • 10 types of espresso
  • Decaffeinated coffee - 1 type
  • Latte, cappuccino, coffee with milk - 6 types
  • Hot chocolate - caramel, mocha, shocochino

Price per pack (16 pieces) - 380-420 rubles.

Note! The filling of the packaging is 6 g instead of the 7 prescribed by the gold standard.


Capsules outwardly resemble disks, which distinguishes them from others. Each has a barcode that is read by the coffee machine.

The coffee brewing technology of this brand differs from the technologies of most competitors: coffee powder is not pressed, which has a positive effect on the aroma and taste of the drink. The dosage of coffee in the package is 9 g.

On the Russian market you can buy the following types of flavors:

  • 1 kind of cocoa
  • 3 types of black coffee,
  • 3 types of coffee with milk (including latte macchiato for a large mug),
  • 4 types of tea,
  • Milk,
  • Hot chocolate

A package of 16 pieces costs about 360 rubles. You can not only buy in a specialized store, but also order via the Internet.


The Italian manufacturer launched its products on the market relatively recently, but gourmets have already managed to highly appreciate its composition. A significant minus is the packaging below the norm (6 g).

The recipe is excellent, kept secret. In the manufacture of capsules, food grade plastic and aluminum are used.. The assortment is still small and includes decaffeinated coffee, 4 types of black coffee and hot chocolate.

Important! It is in these capsules that lovers of caffeine and characteristic bitterness will find coffee from 100% Robusta.

Compatible with Squisito and Philips coffee machines. Cost - 35 rubles and more.


The consumer is offered more than 3 types of blends of black coffee, 6 types of espresso. Packing - 7.5 g. Material used - food grade plastic.

The cost of a package of 30 pieces is approximately 840 rubles. Capsules can only be used in Lavazza machines.

Prices for the Nespresso brand "bite", however, recently, good Chinese counterparts have appeared on sale. Their cost is 20-25% lower. Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsules are quite successfully used for Krups brand devices.


Reusable capsules are easy to find on sale. They are allow you to experiment with different varieties and can be used up to 30 timeswhich is extremely beneficial. When the service life ends, they are simply thrown away.


  • Economy
  • Ability to mix different types of cocoa or coffee
  • Compatible with many coffee machines
  • Due to the tight lid, the aroma and taste last longer, and coffee can be brewed faster.

Popular Models


Pretty popular product. The cost of 5 pieces is at least 800 rubles. Depending on the year of manufacture of the device, you should also choose the packaging. There are two types on sale: black and brown.

Black is used in machines manufactured after October 2010 where the capsule tray is ribbed. Brown is used in machines equipped with a smooth tray, and such machines were produced until October 2010.


French brand product. The cost of a set of 100 pieces is approximately 500 rubles. Food grade plastic is used in production.

In the kit, there are sheets with self-adhesive foil lids and a dispenser.

Attention! Foil lids allow you to use the product up to 20 times, but the plastic gradually deforms, which affects the taste of the drink.


Suitable for Nespresso and Dolce Gusto machines. Capsules made of food-grade plastic are not used in machines manufactured before 2003. (F896/893/897 are easy to recognize from this series).

The kit includes a silicone ring. There are holes on the lid and bottom of the capsule, the hinged lid closes and opens easily.


Products of this brand not suitable for devices manufactured before 2003 and on machines with automatic feed.

Cannot be used in Krups Nespresso devices dated October 2010.

Dolce Gusto

Produced by the Sealpod brand. Made from silicone and steel. The kit includes 100 paper filters, 1 capsule, dosing spoon. The cost of the set is approximately 3200 rubles.

The preparation of the drink should take place according to a special scheme.: a metal holder with a filter is installed in the capsule, coffee is poured and compacted, a perforated disc is inserted and pressed, and finally a silicone lid.

Note! According to consumer reviews, this activity takes a lot of time, and the taste of the drink is far from ideal.

How to brew without a coffee machine?

If a coffee capsule fell into your hands, and the device is missing (or broken), allow yourself to conduct a fun experiment and brew it without a device. Remove the cap from the capsule. On the plastic, make a semicircular incision, it is enough to pierce the foil with a needle and pry it with a knife.

Further actions depend on what is in your house: Turk or geyser coffee maker. If there is a Turk, pour coffee into it, pour water (no more than 35 ml for espresso), put it on the stove and wait for the liquid to boil.

Make sure that the foam does not run away! Pour a teaspoon of cool water into the prepared drink - this will allow you to precipitate the thick.

Geyser coffee maker should be disassembled, pour water into the lower container (not above the mark), pour coffee into a special filter, assemble the device back and plug it into the network (or put it on the stove). After waiting for hiss, turn off and enjoy the taste.

Useful video

From this video you will learn more about the reusable capsule for the coffee machine:

For some, making coffee is akin to meditation - and in this case, the coffee machine will definitely be superfluous. In all the rest - it is modern technique will help you not only save time, but also drink a delicious drink, whose qualities will be no worse than those prepared in a more familiar way. The choice is yours.


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