Which refrigerator is the best and most reliable? Rating of TOP-20 models of 2021

Modern refrigerators are able to keep food fresh for a long time by automatically adjusting the temperature. To choose the right technique, it is worth considering popular models offered by well-known brands.

Fridge, no doubt it can be called kitchen equipment essentials, because it is he who most often appears in the house earlier than the rest of the equipment.

Developers equip modern models with a wide range of programs and options for comfortable operation and long service life without repair work..

Therefore, the buyer can be completely confident in the reliability of the purchased device and its durability.

If you know the basic selection rules, it will not be difficult to decide on the choice of a refrigerator.

Rating TOP-20 best refrigerators

The best models in terms of price and quality ratio
#1Indesit DF 5200W
#2ATLANT XM 6025-031
#3Hotpoint-Ariston HF 4180W
#4Samsung RB-30 J3000WW
#5LG DoorCooling+ GA-B509 SEKL
The best inexpensive models up to 20,000 rubles
#1ATLANT XM 4208-000
#2Indesit RTM 016
#3ATLANT МХМ 2819-90
#4Stinol STT 145
#5Stinol STD 125
The best with the defrost system No frost
#1Indesit DFE 4200W
#2ATLANT XM 4421-000 N
#3Stinol STN 200
#4Samsung RB-37 J5200WW
With side by side freezer
#2Liebherr SBS 7212
The best built-in models
#1Weissgauff WRKI 178W
#2ATLANT XM 4307-000
#3Liebherr ICUS 3324

How to choose the best and most reliable refrigerator?

When it comes time to buy a new refrigerator, many buyers are often confused: what to look for in the first place, which brand to give preference to and is it worth paying extra for additional functionality?

Note! According to experts, the choice of a refrigerator should be based on the following data:
  • the total useful volume of the refrigerator and freezer.
    To determine the required volume, you should calculate the number of people who will use the device.
    For a family of 3-4 people, a unit with a volume of 300-350 liters will be an excellent option.
    However, if the design is purchased for sole use, it is better to opt for a model with a volume of up to 250 liters;
  • freezing power.
    This parameter directly determines how many loaded products the equipment can freeze per day from room temperature to the minimum.
    If products are purchased in large quantities several times a month, it would be a good decision to purchase a model with a high freezing capacity;
  • construction dimensions and design.
    A device with a width of 60 cm is considered standard for installation in medium-sized kitchens.
    In stores, you can also find electrical appliances with a width of 45 cm - they are less functional and may not be equipped with a freezer, so they are not in great demand among consumers.
    The design design is also important - the unit must be in harmony with the overall interior of the kitchen;
  • control type.
    The device can be controlled electromechanically and electronically.
    Work with the most advanced models can be carried out using the application installed on the smartphone.
    This allows many operations to be performed remotely;
  • ergonomics.
    An important role is played by such indicators as the type of lighting of the internal space, the possibility of moving the door to the other side and the presence of a handle on the door.
    It is also necessary to take a closer look at the elasticity of the seals - the door must necessarily fit snugly against the structure;
  • additional options.
    For comfortable work, manufacturers equip the devices with a vacation mode, an ice maker, a cold water supply function and an open door indicator.
    The presence of these options affects the cost of the unit, so you need to think about whether they are needed.

Popular models and brands

Note! In the domestic market of household appliances, a rich assortment of refrigerators and brands of manufacturers for every taste and budget is presented.

Among the variety of devices, the experts chose the best models, having examined in detail their technical characteristics and comparing all the advantages of the best-selling devices, and offered a list of the best and most reliable devices.

The best models in terms of price, quality, reliability

The rating of the TOP-5 best models is not today in terms of price, quality and reliability.

Indesit DF 5200W

A successful model with high functionality, attractive appearance and affordable price.

A two-chamber device belonging to the A class of energy consumption, characterized by a convenient location of the cameras.

The equipment has a simple and concise design, instantly cools a large number of products and has a long warranty period.

The unit works in the innovative total no frost system - it prevents the formation of ice on the inner walls of the chamber and relieves the user of the need to defrost the device.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 253 l;
  • freezer volume - 75 l;
  • freezing power - 2 kg / day;
  • control type - electronic;
  • dimensions - 60x64x200 cm.


  • pleasant appearance;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • electric wire of optimal length;
  • the possibility of hanging the door;
  • reduced sound power level.


  • pollution of the snow-white body;
  • the door does not close automatically;
  • slight plastic smell.

ATLANT XM 6025-031

Highly reliable equipment suitable for both large and small kitchens.

A unique model from a proven manufacturer of multifunctional consumer electronics, equipped with two compressors.

The main design feature is the high freezing power, which means that the model is suitable for families who make large purchases a couple of times a month.

Additional options include a sound indication of the open door and a super-freeze function.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 230 l;
  • freezer volume - 154 l;
  • freezing power - 15 kg / day;
  • type of control - mechanical;
  • dimensions - 60x63x205 cm.


  • autonomous preservation of cold for 17 hours;
  • absolute safety of operation;
  • cute design;
  • a large number of shelves in the refrigerator;
  • simple mechanical control.


  • you will have to defrost the device manually;
  • there is no ice generator;
  • there are few shelves on the door.

Hotpoint-Ariston HF 4180W

An easy-to-use device from the mid-price line, equipped with a powerful motor.

Combined generating set with a solid door shelf for convenient storage of bottles, equipped with the latest ventilation system to maintain a uniform and stable temperature, as well as an optimal level of humidity.

The refrigerator works almost silently, has electromechanical control - it is easy and convenient to work with the device.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 223 l;
  • freezer volume - 75 l;
  • freezing power - 2.5 kg / day;
  • control type - electromechanical;
  • dimensions - 60x64x184 cm.


  • three drawers for storage in the freezer compartment;
  • a refrigerator of sufficient volume;
  • two options for hanging doors;
  • acceptable noise level;
  • long service life.


  • inconvenient placement of large bottles;
  • lack of handles;
  • electrical wire length.

Samsung RB-30 J3000WW

A proven device that boasts economical energy consumption and durability.

Inverter compressor unit with bottom-mounted freezer, small display showing operating temperature, and multi-flow refrigeration system.

The unit has three drawers in the freezer, four glass shelves and a drawer for fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 213 l;
  • freezer volume - 98 l;
  • freezing power - 13 kg / day;
  • control type - electronic;
  • dimensions - 59.5x66.8x178 cm.


  • compact dimensions;
  • convenient installation in rooms with any area;
  • intuitive control;
  • low energy consumption;
  • high freezing power.


  • the noise level is slightly above the norm;
  • the body gets dirty quickly;
  • uninformative instruction manual.

LG DoorCooling+ GA-B509 SEKL

A practical device with a pleasant design, which is indispensable in a large kitchen.

Equipped with a smart inverter compressor, this model is designed for fast and even cooling.

Due to the zero gap, the structure can be installed close to the wall, saving free space.

So that nothing interferes with the rest, the device works with minimal sound.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 227 l;
  • freezer volume - 107 l;
  • freezing power - 12 kg / day;
  • control type - electronic;
  • dimensions - 59.5x68.2x203 cm.


  • remote control function;
  • sound indication of an open door;
  • reliable protection from small children;
  • simple hanging of the door;
  • product supercooling.


  • weak glass shelves;
  • inconvenient adjustment of the shelves;
  • the quality of the materials.

The best inexpensive models up to 20,000 rubles

The most popular inexpensive devices up to 20,000 rubles according to estimates and reviews of customers and specialists.

ATLANT XM 4012-080

Budget refrigerator, aimed at long-term trouble-free operation.

A two-chamber freestanding gadget with a drip defrost system, the possibility of reversing the door and a simple electromechanical control.

The device uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant - it does not destroy the ozone layer of the atmosphere and is safe for the user's health.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 205 l;
  • freezer volume - 115 l;
  • freezing power - 4.5 kg / day;
  • control type - electromechanical;
  • dimensions - 60x63x176 cm.


  • high reliability of materials;
  • absence of unpleasant odors;
  • large useful volume;
  • optimal freezing speed;
  • low noise level.


  • length of the power cord;
  • low handle;
  • the device must be defrosted periodically.

Indesit RTM 016

A well-designed device with high technical performance and a simple control system.

Compact yet roomy, with heavy-duty glass shelves and multiple drawers for easy food storage.

The equipment has a sophisticated design, so it will fit well into any interior, becoming its integral part.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 245 l;
  • freezer volume - 51 l;
  • freezing power - 2 kg / day;
  • control type - electromechanical;
  • dimensions - 60x63x167 cm.


  • high class of energy consumption;
  • quality assembly;
  • simple control system;
  • attractive appearance;
  • affordable price.


  • manual defrost;
  • a small number of drawers on the door;
  • the need for gentle cleansing.

ATLANT МХМ 2819-90

An interesting novelty, characterized by multifunctionality, reliability and quiet operation.

Single-compressor device with a convenient top location of the freezer, belonging to the A class of energy consumption.

Due to the ability to outweigh the door, the user will not have any problems with the placement of the structure.

Now using the refrigerator is even easier and more convenient.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 240 l;
  • freezer volume - 70 l;
  • freezing power - 4.5 kg / day;
  • control type - electromechanical;
  • dimensions - 60x63x176 cm.


  • long warranty period;
  • high quality materials and excellent assembly;
  • intuitive interface;
  • reduced soundtrack;
  • acceptable cost.


  • the model does not provide an ice generator;
  • the length of the network wire may not be enough;
  • The shelf in the freezer can sag.

Stinol STT 145

Compact design at a low price, equipped with all the necessary options for comfortable work.

A gadget with a manual defrosting system for the freezer, enclosed in a snow-white case without unnecessary details.

The design stands out with the convenient arrangement of shelves for storing products, the high quality of the materials used and the operation with a reduced sound power level.

Reliability, ergonomics, functionality - the device is ideal for installation in both small and large rooms.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 196 l;
  • freezer volume - 53 l;
  • freezing power - 2 kg / day;
  • control type - electromechanical;
  • dimensions - 60x68x145 cm.


  • simple design;
  • silent operation;
  • good arrangement of shelves and their number;
  • relatively small weight;
  • cord of sufficient length.


  • increased energy consumption;
  • amateur design;
  • small freezer.

Stinol STD 125

Inexpensive model designed with innovative technologies.

A miniature kitchen assistant in a steel case treated with a special solution that protects the structure from corrosion.

The shelves are made of durable tempered glass - they can be cleaned by hand, but if you want to remove dirt, you can also use the dishwasher.

Shelves are easily adjustable in height and quickly removed without much effort.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 197 l;
  • freezer volume - 28 l;
  • freezing power - 2 kg / day;
  • control type - electromechanical;
  • dimensions - 60x66.5x125 cm.


  • low cost of equipment;
  • the possibility of hanging the door;
  • easy cleansing;
  • no need for special maintenance;
  • informative instruction.


  • there is no separate bottle holder;
  • no indication of an open door;
  • no super freeze function.

The best devices with a defrost system No frost

Refrigeration equipment with an innovative defrosting system No frost differs from traditional models by the absence of the need to manually defrost the device, spending a lot of time and effort on it.

Besides, the air temperature in the device is evenly distributedwhich guarantees food freshness for a long period of time.

Indesit DFE 4200W

A modern device that has earned many positive reviews from experts and experienced users.

A model with a built-in display and retractable shelves that provide a perfect overview and easy access to all products in the refrigerator and freezer.

The manufacturer supplemented the equipment with a super-freeze function, a long electric wire and an electromechanical type of control.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 249 l;
  • freezer volume - 75 l;
  • freezing power - 3.5 kg / day;
  • control type - electromechanical;
  • dimensions - 60x64x200 cm.


  • superfreeze;
  • innovative cooling system;
  • simplicity and safety of operation;
  • modern design;
  • versatility of use.


  • increased noise level;
  • slight smell of plastic inside the chamber;
  • the door opens with force.

ATLANT XM 4421-000 N

A high-quality gadget with an optimal set of programs that does not require special maintenance.

Single-compressor refrigerator with automatic defrosting system, which gives the user the opportunity to forget about the need for long-term cleaning forever.

Among the additional options you can find an audible alarm that notifies the owner of an open door, self-diagnosis and quick freezing.

In the presence of the function "cooling drinks" and "holiday".


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 208 l;
  • freezer volume - 104 l;
  • freezing power - 6 kg / day;
  • control type - electronic;
  • dimensions - 59.5x62.5x186.5 cm.


  • a wide range of work programs;
  • intuitive control;
  • sophisticated design;
  • excellent placement of shelves inside the chamber;
  • electronic control unit.


  • handle design and ergonomics;
  • the length of the electrical wire;
  • noisy soundtrack.

Stinol STN 200

Two-chamber electric unit, attracting attention with a convenient arrangement of compartments.

An ultra-modern device that stands out for its impressive usable volume, durability and reliability.

The design belongs to the A class of energy consumption, guarantees instant freezing and cooling of products, and can also maintain the selected temperature for 13 hours - especially convenient during power outages.

A spectacular addition was the bright illumination of the interior space of the refrigerating chamber.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 253 l;
  • freezer volume - 106 l;
  • freezing power - 2.5 kg / day;
  • control type - electromechanical;
  • dimensions - 60x64x200 cm.


  • capacious transparent boxes;
  • low power consumption;
  • presentable appearance;
  • the possibility of re-hanging the door;
  • built-in incandescent lamp.


  • meager equipment;
  • quickly polluted light case;
  • The display does not show the temperature.

Samsung RB-37 J5200WW

Another successful development of the South Korean brand, which guarantees the high quality and reliability of its products.

Refrigeration equipment with a large internal volume, presented in an innovative design.

A feature of the model is the presence of a "freshness zone" - it is a spacious drawer, which has all the conditions for long-term storage of meat or fish.

Loaded products will be preserved in the best possible way, because the device will maintain the optimum temperature and humidity level.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 269 l;
  • freezer volume - 98 l;
  • freezing power - 12 kg / day;
  • control type - electronic;
  • dimensions - 59.5x67.5x201 cm.


  • the presence of a temperature indicator;
  • function of superfreezing of products;
  • elegant and simple design;
  • autonomous preservation of cold for 18 hours;
  • low sound power.


  • the cost is slightly higher than similar models;
  • quality and capacity of shelves;
  • ergonomic questions.

Fridge Freezers Side by Side

Side by Side freezer models have an impressive volume, which is especially convenient for storing bulky products in large quantities.

Know! The innovative system ensures fast cooling of loaded products and maintains the ideal temperature inside the refrigerator compartment, as well as maintains an optimal level of humidity.

TOP-4 side by side models in terms of quality and reliability.


An excellent device with a linear compressor and the possibility of remote control via a smartphone.

High performance model from the premium range, equipped with a highly reliable compressor and an optimal humidity zone.

An excellent addition to the design was the presence of an intelligent diagnostic system, the ability to lock the display and the option of express freezing.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 394 l;
  • freezer volume - 219 l;
  • freezing power - 12 kg / day;
  • control type - electronic;
  • dimensions - 91.2x71.7x179 cm.


  • sound indication of an open door;
  • the presence of a zone of freshness;
  • multiflow cooling system;
  • the presence of an antibacterial door seal;
  • pre-installed deodorizer.


  • the model does not provide an ice generator;
  • problematic installation;
  • The device is not suitable for small spaces.

Liebherr SBS 7212

A detailed model with advanced functionality for long-term operation without breakdowns and failures.

A device with many preset automatic modes, which uses modern professional technologies for cooling and freezing all kinds of products.

the unit does not require special maintenance and does well without defrosting. All drawers and shelves are easy to remove for good visibility.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 390 l;
  • freezer volume - 261 l;
  • freezing power - 20 kg / day;
  • control type - electronic;
  • dimensions - 121x63x185.2 cm.


  • ergonomic handle with a pusher;
  • light and sound indication;
  • large useful volume;
  • good arrangement of shelves and compartments;
  • super freezing and super cooling.


  • assembly instructions are not included in the package;
  • the door is rather hard to open;
  • high cost of the device.

Daewoo Electronics FRN-X22 B4CW

A spectacular model with a roomy chamber from a trusted Korean electronics manufacturer.

A capacious two-door device equipped with strong glass shelves with thoughtful protection against leaks for comfortable and, most importantly, safe operation for many years.

Thanks to the high-capacity turbo cooling system, the refrigerator cools down several times faster than other models.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 380 l;
  • freezer volume - 240 l;
  • freezing power - 20 kg / day;
  • control type - electronic;
  • dimensions - 97.9x76.7x184 cm.


  • intelligent electronic control;
  • instant cooling of cans;
  • roomy door compartment;
  • preventing the formation of an ice crust;
  • temperature indication.


  • noisy work;
  • the cost of the model is slightly higher than similar devices;
  • impressive dimensions of the structure.

The best built-in models

The most popular built-in models.

Weissgauff WRKI 178W

Silently operating device designed to be built into a kitchen set.

High-end model with sound and light indication, simple electronic control and independent cooling circuits for efficient operation.

The device belongs to the A class of energy consumption, so the user does not have to overpay.

In order to position the device as conveniently as possible, the manufacturer has provided the opportunity to outweigh the door.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 230 l;
  • freezer volume - 80 l;
  • freezing power - 5 kg / day;
  • control type - electronic;
  • dimensions - 54x54.5x177.5 cm.


  • pleasant appearance;
  • electric wire of sufficient length;
  • bright lighting of the refrigerator compartment;
  • acceptable price;
  • tempered glass shelves.


  • non-standard shelves;
  • tight door;
  • specific smell of plastic.

ATLANT XM 4307-000

A built-in model that will be highly appreciated by experienced buyers.

Two-chamber single-compressor device with a corrected sound power level, equipped with a mechanical thermostat and shelves made of impact-resistant glass.

The unit has a large useful volume and sufficient freezing power, which allows you to load a large number of products.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 253 l;
  • freezer volume - 75 l;
  • freezing power - 3.5 kg / day;
  • control type - electromechanical;
  • dimensions - 54x56x178 cm.


  • long warranty period;
  • operational safety;
  • automatic defrosting system of the freezer;
  • height-adjustable shelves;
  • a separate basket for storing vegetables and fruits.


  • cord length;
  • noisy work;
  • long preparation for the work process.

Liebherr ICUS 3324

Universal equipment with an inverter type compressor that consumes a minimum of electricity.

Unit with drip defrost system and reversible door.

The equipment is complemented by LED backlighting, a small digital display and capacious transparent containers.

To prevent the use of the device by small children, the model has a well-thought-out protection system.


  • the volume of the refrigerating chamber - 274 l;
  • freezer volume - 94 l;
  • freezing power - 3.5 kg / day;
  • control type - electronic;
  • dimensions - 56x55x177.2 cm.


  • temperature indication;
  • super freeze function;
  • elegant interior fittings;
  • rapid cooling of products;
  • legs adjustable in height.


  • lack of molds for ice in the kit;
  • formation of ice on the back wall;
  • non-informative display.


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When deciding to buy a new refrigerator, you should remember about such important nuances as:

  • main selection criteria equipment are refrigerator and freezer volume, as well as freezing capacity of loaded products;
  • it is necessary to pay increased attention to the dimensions of the structure, its design, the length of the electrical wire and the type of control;
  • important technical parameters experts call type of cooling system, defrost systems, energy class and noise level;
  • you should find out information about the availability of additional functions, the possibility of embedding the device in a kitchen set and the type of lighting inside the refrigerator;
  • an excellent solution for a medium-sized kitchen would be a spacious electrical appliance with an easy-to-open door, 4-5 shelves, drawers and a freezer with several drawers.

Useful video

From this video you will learn how to choose the right refrigerator and what parameters to pay attention to:

  1. Anya He speaks

    For as long as I can remember, friends and relatives have always praised Atlant refrigerators. I bought one myself so I can't say anything bad about it. Works great, no complaints. Parents have Samsung for over 10 years. Works similarly, without interruptions, has never been under repair. Friends of Nord have already repaired 5 times in 4 years.

  2. Daria He speaks

    We chose an LG GC-B247 JLDV refrigerator for our new kitchen. This is our first large refrigerator, so we chose it especially carefully. I really like that the freezer has a lot of shelves and a large area for fruits and vegetables. The refrigerator can be controlled from a smartphone, but the function has not yet been used. With the express freezing mode, the meat freezes in half an hour. Very happy with the purchase!

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      I am also very pleased with LG - I bought a refrigerator about 3 years ago from the middle price segment, while there were no problems with it, it works like a clock.

  3. Alexei He speaks

    Hello, I want to write my opinion on how to choose a refrigerator. It seems to me that when choosing a refrigerator, you need to focus on prices, the manufacturer and the freezing system. I think that it is best to take a refrigerator with a conventional type of compressor and with No Frost. Just as important is the warranty period. By the way, even when choosing a refrigerator, you need to read the reviews. In general, I like Indesit refrigerators.

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      I join your opinion regarding nofrost, I also recommend this feature when they turn to me for advice on what to look for when choosing.

  4. Sergey Andreev He speaks

    I bought a Samsung RB-30 J3000WW for the New Year (2020).As the author of the article quite rightly writes, this is a proven device that can boast of its durability.
    I bought this Samsung to replace its predecessor, which served me faithfully for 10 years. It differs from the RB-30 J3000WW only in the absence of an indicator, and the external dimensions and arrangement of shelves, drawers and other things are exactly the same.
    Convenient thing. Compact and surprisingly roomy. Perfect for a family of 3. And especially when you don’t have your own apartment and you have to move often.
    He survived moving and movers perfectly. Never failed. Now "lives" in the country.
    It was because of the reliability that I bought the same one. By the way, about the noise - it is almost inaudible. Sometimes it’s not even clear whether the refrigerator is working or not until you open the door. You don't need to defrost it. Basically, turn it on and forget it.
    Wife likes it too. And this, you see, says a lot ...

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      Thanks for the detailed feedback!

  5. Arthur He speaks

    Personally, I vote for Samsung with both hands, well done Koreans. The company produces reliable household appliances, thanks to this brand, for the past ten years I have not had any problems with the refrigerator at all, unlike the previous purchase of the refrigerator, I will not name the company, but I breathed a sigh of relief when I managed to sell it even at a discount.

  6. Maksim He speaks

    Having changed more than one refrigerator, I can say with confidence that modern models are not much different from each other, everywhere they have similar functionality, a similar interior. So you need to choose only in size and appearance. I don't think any expensive Electrolux will be much better than the cheaper Samsung.Another feature that is very convenient and I like it is the automatic ice making. Alas, it is not implemented in every model. It's about the automatic. that is, he poured water and forgot, and the ice is made by itself ...

  7. Nika He speaks

    When it came time to change our refrigerator, we chose and bought Zuzuki, Japanese, Russian assembly, its quality did not deteriorate from this, outwardly it even looks like Daewoo Electronics FRN-X22 B4CW, only it is a little cheaper, it also has two doors and is very convenient, works without noise, there is a temperature indication on the door. which allows you to control the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer. All shelves inside are light glass and very durable. And we have already got used to its dimensions and it turned out that it is very convenient to use it.

  8. Hope He speaks

    When choosing a refrigerator, I would advise you to focus on the popularity of the brand, its reputation in the market, good reviews from friends. Yes, it happens that little-known manufacturers also produce good models, but when buying expensive items, such as household appliances, it is better not to risk it. Our family has been using a Samsung refrigerator for a long time, we are more than satisfied with the quality. Friends of LG, and before that there was some kind of noun, quickly failed.

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      Thank you for your comment!

  9. Irina He speaks

    To be honest, I didn’t think that choosing a refrigerator to replace a broken one would be so problematic. It seems that their choice today is huge, and as they say, for any size of the wallet, but something stopped every time. So it was until I saw the Hotpoint-Ariston HF 4180 W.The refrigerator is roomy, comfortable, works silently, the shelves are strong, which is important for me. I also like the fact that the vegetables in it retain their freshness and attractive appearance for a long time.

  10. Sergey He speaks

    And I have been using the Atlant refrigerator for many years and have no complaints about the quality of work. Excellent refrigerator. Yes, even if it does not have a super-beautiful digital display, but it performs its function perfectly. Why buy an expensive fridge when a cheap one can do the job. I recommend Atlanta to everyone.

  11. Akerkeyessim He speaks

    So I also bought an LG refrigerator three years ago. Works without problems
    I highly recommend to everyone

  12. Julia He speaks

    We purchased an LG GC-B247 JLDV refrigerator. How he seemed in the store and at home, two different things, at home he is just gigantic. I wanted a big fridge, well now I'm thinking about what to put in it. The refrigerator is good, we have been using it for almost two years, we took it at a very good discount. The selection here is of course super, you can pick it up cheaper for yourself, well, after a fight they don’t wave their fists, so now we will have our own giant)))

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      Thanks for the comment! Large is better than small, especially if you have a family and replenishment is possible))

  13. Paul He speaks

    I buy refrigerators exclusively from Indesit, I now have Indesit RTM 016 at my own. The quality of doors and cabinets is good, it doesn’t work very noisily, like before LG. The freezer is roomy, cools quickly, I defrost every two months, that's enough. I think it will work for another 7-8 years, until I am completely satisfied, it fits my requirements. In the case of repairs, the components are inexpensive, unlike other companies.

  14. Alexander He speaks

    I used to treat LG technology not very well, since I once had a phone of this brand, and it did not work for long, and the quality left much to be desired. But when it came time to choose a refrigerator, my wife and I chose LG, as it perfectly combined an affordable price and fairly high performance. It has been working flawlessly for 10 years, although the warranty period was only 3 years.

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      Indeed, I would not say about LG mobile gadgets that they have an excellent price-quality ratio, but the home appliances of this company show themselves perfectly.

  15. Natalia He speaks

    We bought our first refrigerator back in 2011, at that time we chose Samsung. It has been working for 9 years, it has never broken down, although it even survived two moves. The only moment, about six months ago, a lot of water began to flow into the freezer, and the water also freezes behind the shelf for vegetables and fruits. We want to fix this moment and take the refrigerator to our parents, I'm sure it will last at least the same amount. And we already need a bigger refrigerator, thanks for the article and reviews, it became clearer what to look for. Still, 9 years ago, the choice was more scarce.

  16. Igor He speaks

    I like the Indesit RTM 016 most of all - it is huge and roomy. And most importantly, for all this beauty, I did not give as much as you might think. My wife and I have long wanted to change the refrigerator, and settled on it. Neither I nor she regretted our choice. It is immediately evident that it is made with high quality, for people and conscientiously, as they say. For comparison, I can cite our previous refrigerator - just heaven and earth.I hope the new one will last a long time, but I have no doubt at all.

  17. Sergey He speaks

    I still single out Atlant for myself, not because I have a long experience using this refrigerator. I also had indezit, took it to the dacha, and took the new Atlant home. What exactly I like, the absence of unnecessary functions, it is easy to use, and even some slight breakdowns, you can see for yourself.

  18. Katerina He speaks

    We bought a refrigerator 3 months ago. during the operation I am very satisfied, a spacious freezer, the location of the shelves for products is very convenient, it works quietly, it fits perfectly into a niche. For our money, we believe that we have purchased a high-quality refrigerator. Generally we are fans of sansung

  19. Irina O. He speaks

    We were going to buy ATLANT ХМ 4307-000, but after re-reading the article several times, I changed my mind. I have looked at several other models. I've never analyzed it from that perspective. I noticed very timely that one should also look at such seemingly trifles as the length of the electric wire and the type of control.

  20. Yana He speaks

    Hello, thanks for the article, sorry I didn’t read it earlier. A year ago, we purchased a SNAIGE refrigerator. The budget was not big and the seller praised this company very much, but after a while they were convinced that the economical purchase did not work out! The shelves on the doors began to crack, the shelves in the freezer also become unusable, they fall apart, the back wall is covered with ice, and if you lower the temperature, the freezer stops freezing. This refrigerator is a nightmare. Before him, we had Samsung for 10 years, there were no problems. Now we collect on a new one. Thanks for the article, now let's responsibly approach the choice of a new refrigerator.

  21. Anastasia He speaks

    Hello! Before me was the choice of a refrigerator. They built a house and wanted a new one, the old BOSCH would no longer survive the move. The family is big and I always freeze for the winter. At first, I considered the freezer and refrigerator separately. Wherever I just didn’t look, I probably went around all the sites, everywhere there is advertising and nothing more. I stumbled across your article purely by accident. And thanks to her, I have a Liebherr SBS 7212 model at home. All the characteristics, all the pros and cons were described. Thank you for helping me choose!

  22. Catherine He speaks

    I bought a HUION HS611 graphics tablet for work. I work as a teacher at school and it helps a lot at a distance: I check notebooks through it, the pen works fine, fast response, a clear screen image, the only inconvenience before it works only in a vertical position, slightly tilting draws in jerks. The weight of the tablet is very light, almost not felt. It holds a charge for a long time, it can also be connected to a PC, the child likes to draw like this.
    In general, the thing is excellent, and not so expensive (7000r bought)

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