Review of REDMOND carob coffee makers. Specifications for RCM-1512, RCM-1511, RCM-CBM1514

The Russian trademark REDMOND offers lovers of invigorating coffee drinks a large selection of carob-type coffee makers, with which everyone can quickly prepare espresso or cappuccino. In order to choose the best model, it is worth considering several popular options.

International fast growing brand of small household appliances for home and kitchen REDMOND (Redmond) releases carob coffee makers for 10 years.

Advanced technologies, wide operational capabilities, high quality and elegant design of modern REDMOND espresso coffee makers make the produced devices in demand among connoisseurs of delicious coffee drinks and allow them to occupy a leading position in their segment.

Popular models of REDMOND coffee makers

Possibilities of household carob type coffee maker REDMOND are almost as good as professional and semi-professional devices, because they are able to prepare no less tasty and high-quality coffee in a matter of minutes.

Three models are considered the most popular today., which occupy high positions in the rankings of the best electrical appliances for brewing coffee.


Simple and easy to use coffee maker with automatic cappuccinatore for quick preparation of espresso and coffee drinks at home or in a small office.

The device is equipped with a separate 0.4 l milk container, which allows you to get a creamy foam without splashing liquid, metal holder, as well as a removable drip tray.

Experts note that the device stands out among most carob-type coffee makers, as it is equipped with all the necessary functions for the comfortable preparation of your favorite drinks. The main advantages of the RCM-1512 model are:

  • reliability of a design and stability of the case;
  • heating coffee cups before filling them;
  • simultaneous distribution of drink for two cups;
  • intensive self-cleaning of ready-made coffee and milk supply systems;
  • adjustment of the portion of water;
  • automatic shutdown of the device when not in use;
  • the presence of an indication of inclusion and a water level indicator;
  • compact size.
Important! The user has the ability to set the coffee maker so that it prepares coffee in the right amount. All parameters are saved automatically, which means that the gourmet does not have to make additional settings every time the appliance is turned on.


A modern device for preparing rich espresso, classic Italian cappuccino and fragrant latte macchiato from medium-ground natural beans.

The coffee maker is presented in black color, the main body material is durable glossy plastic. On the front of the device there is a control panel, a bayonet for mounting the holder and metal cup holders..

The model is equipped with an automatic cappuccinatore and a milk container made of transparent plastic. The machine is controlled using 9 mechanical buttons covered with a single soft-touch rubber pad.

In addition to the intuitive interface, the RCM-1511 coffee maker has many other advantages.

These include:

  • the presence of built-in programs for different coffee drinks;
  • automatic preparation of milk foam;
  • the ability to adjust the volume of the drink;
  • simultaneous preparation of two portions of coffee;
  • low noise level during operation;
  • automatic shutdown of the device 30 minutes after use;
  • drip tray full indicator;
  • acceptable price.
Attention! There is no automatic decalcification function in the device, but all removable structural elements can be washed in a dishwasher.


Coffee maker with built-in mechanical cappuccinatore, released in the premium design of the Chrome and Bronze series. The device is equipped with two nozzles for dispensing coffee drinks, a removable drip tray and a touch control panel.

The kit also contains 2 filter holders, measuring spoon and recipe book preparation of various drinks based on espresso.

Overheating protection ensures safe operation of the devicewhich protects the engine from accidental breakdowns.

When if the owner uses the coffee maker longer than the time recommended by the manufacturer and the heating level of the appliance reaches a critical temperature, the device will automatically turn off. After the coffee maker has cooled down, the coffee lover will be able to make a drink again.

The key distinguishing features of the RCM-CBM1514 model, users name such items as:

  • simultaneous preparation of two portions of coffee;
  • high quality freshly brewed drinks;
  • touch control panel;
  • elegant silver design
  • quick heating of coffee cups;
  • light weight and compact size;
  • absence of foreign odors;
  • protecting the user from electric shock;
  • protection of the electrical appliance from overheating.
Note! The serving volume in the RCM-CBM1514 model is set by default, so in order to fill the cup with more or less drink, you need to switch to manual preparation mode and independently control the amount of coffee brewed. In manual mode, the user can get 300 ml of espresso.


Model Dimensions W*H*D, cm Power, W Water tank volume, l Max. pressure, bar used coffee Housing material
RCM-1512 24x31x26 1450 1.4 15 ground plastic
RCM-1511 24x31x26 1000 1.4 15 ground plastic
RCM-CBM1514 26x31x24 1050 1.5 15 ground metal

What to look for when buying?

REDMOND carob coffee makers are suitable for making coffee in both at home, and at work, but, Before purchasing a device, it is worth remembering a few points that will help you make right choice:

  • coffee cup warmer function will allow you to save not only the temperature, but also the taste of the brewed drink;
  • the presence of an automatic cappuccinatore makes the process of preparing cappuccino or other milk-coffee drinks faster and easier;
  • Espresso coffee makers do not have built-in coffee grinders, which means that lovers of drinks from freshly ground grains will have to grind them on their own, which complicates the task;
  • removable elements of the coffee maker can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but automatic cleaning function can simplify the use of the device;
  • protection against overheating and electric shock provides the user with safe and long-term operation.


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