Overview and characteristics of Gorenje dryers. TOP 4 best models, their pros and cons

Dryers from Gorenje have a wide range of functions. They can accommodate a large amount of laundry and will be useful in every home.

The Gorenje dryer is designed to quickly remove moisture from washed laundry.

Each model has its own advantages and features, functions.

The users of the washing machines will not need to hang clothes on the balcony, the devices themselves will provide the required level of humidity for things.

Features of Gorenje dryers

Note! All models of the company are designed for different loading weights. Usually it is in the range from 3 to 12 kg.

In this case, you need to remember that the linen should be small. The smaller the load, the better the selected program will work.

It is absolutely impossible to exceed the recommended weight, this will damage the laundry or break the unit.

Wool itemse.g. sweaters, scarves or dresses, it is better to place in the device in 1-2 copies at a time. The same applies to thin blouses, men's shirts.

This action will keep things in their original form and eliminate the possibility of stretching or wrinkles.

Before you load the laundry, you need to sort it by color, type of fabric and the desired degree of drying. Sometimes you can sort things by size.

This is done so that small clothes do not get into larger clothes.

When working with the device, you need to remember one more feature.

The drum of the machine is very sensitive, it can be damaged by small hard objects, so you need to check the pockets of things, as well as the reliability of fastening buttons, locks and zippers.

What to look for when choosing?

Stay up to date! When choosing a dryer, you need to pay attention to the following parameters.
  1. One size with washing machine.
    It is required to buy a dryer that can accommodate more volume than a washing device.
  2. Dryer programs.
    The software of the device should include a certain list of programs that facilitate the work with the unit.
    The sensors are located on the display.
  3. Loading method.
    Models are divided into vertical and horizontal types.
    The user must select a device based on their preferences.
  4. Energy consumption.
    It takes a lot of energy to get the air to the right temperature.
    It is recommended to choose more economical models in this regard.
  5. Machine power.
    The average value for most devices is 1.5 - 2.3 kW.
Remember! Given these characteristics, you can buy the best dryer for your clothes.

Rating of popular models

Below are the best models of this company. The characteristics and advantages of four popular devices are described in detail. Each model has an overview, pros and cons.


Gorenje DA82IL

Convenient, energy-intensive machine, which equipped with 14 programs for drying clothes.

The Gorenje DA 82IL is equipped with a touch screen, a rotary switch and special indicators that remind the user to remove the water or clean the filters.

The hose included in the kit implements automatic draining of the liquid.

The device is equipped with a built-in fuse.


  • type of drying - condensation;
  • volume - 8 kg;
  • shell material - metal;
  • weight - 50 kg;
  • electricity consumption - 235 kWh per year;
  • connecting power - 800 W.


  • ease of use;
  • quick drying of things;
  • condensate drains easily;
  • low energy consumption;
  • durable heat exchanger.


  • makes a lot of noise;
  • filter clogs quickly
  • big sizes.


Gorenje DE82

Economical and reliable model, which keeps things in their original form.

The Gorenje DE82 is easy to use and safe for children, as the control panel and drum are locked after starting.

The shape of the drum allows you to reduce the number of wrinkles in the linen.

Things are completely dry, as the model is equipped with a dual-flow air supply system.


  • maximum load - 8 kg;
  • power consumption - 800 W;
  • weight - 40 kg;
  • tank material - zinc;
  • drying type - condensing.


  • high level of loading;
  • dries different things equally well;
  • things do not crumple inside;
  • low power consumption;
  • a large number of functions.


  • a large degree of noise;
  • the drum does not have a backlight;
  • heats up the room.



Gorenje DP7B

A technologically advanced dryer that can dry things and prevent humidity in the room.

The Gorenje DP7B device combines the number of functions you need to take better care of things.The device is able not only to dry clothes, but also eliminate various odors from it. The programs have a function that prevents caking and wrinkling of clothes.


  • volume - 7 kg;
  • weight - 40 kg;
  • sheathing material - metal;
  • type of drying - condensation;
  • power consumption - 2500 W.


  • the device is almost silent;
  • a large number of modes;
  • capacity;
  • simple control.


  • big size;
  • heats the room;
  • wastes a lot of energy.



Gorenje DS92ILS

reliable device, which the has great capacity and performance.

The Gorenje DS92ILS device is equipped with an ionizer that reduces wrinkles in clothes and removes unpleasant odors.

The wavy ribbed drum ensures better care of the garments and achieves a good degree of drying.

Also, things are additionally processed with steam, this smoothes the fabric.


  • volume - 9 kg;
  • drying type - condensing;
  • drum material - stainless steel;
  • weight - 53 kg;
  • connection power - 1,800 W.


  • clothes after drying do not need to be ironed;
  • ease of use;
  • a large set of functions;
  • does not overheat.


  • makes a lot of noise
  • drying container sold separately;
  • the presence of plastic in the structure.


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Conclusions and conclusion

Dryers from company Gorenje possess:

  • large volume for drying clothes;
  • low power consumption;
  • a significant set of functions;
  • beautiful design.

They come in handy in every apartment.

Useful video

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