Rating TOP-13 built-in dishwashers 60 cm 2022. Selection tips, overview, features, pros and cons

Choosing an integrated dishwasher is a task that even an inexperienced user can handle. An overview of the best-selling devices from trusted manufacturers of home appliances will help in this.

Full size recessed Dishwasher capable of becoming great addition to a modern kitchen, saving the user from the daily tedious process of washing dishes, which takes a lot of time.

Equipment greatly simplifies the cleaning of heavily soiled cutlery and is suitable for installation in both small and large rooms.

That is why it is worth thinking about purchasing a home assistant and choosing one of the functional models on the home appliance market.

Rating TOP-13 best built-in dishwashers 60 cm

With condenser dryer
#1Weissgauff BDW 6043 D
#2Weissgauff BDW 6138 D
#3Electrolux EEA 917100 L
#4Hotpoint-Ariston HIC 3B+26
#5Bosch SMV44KX00R
with turbo brush
#1Beko DIN 14 W13
#2Vestfrost VFDW6053
#3Vestfrost VFDW6041
With intensive drying
#1Bosch SMV25EX01R
#2Siemens SN 636X03 ME
#1Bosch SMV 88TD06R
#2Siemens SN 678D55 TR

Criterias of choice

Keep in mind! Having decided to purchase built-in dishwashers, it is important to pay attention to the main technical characteristics of electrical appliances.

This will help you not to make a mistake in choosing and choose the most suitable device with the optimal set of options and programs.

The main criteria for choosing fully built-in dishwashers are:

  • design dimensions;
  • drying type;
  • capacity of the working chamber;
  • the number of work programs;
  • type of control;
  • consumption of water and electricity;
  • power consumption;
  • the presence of a protective lock from children;
  • water protection system;
  • additional programs;
  • equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages of models 60 cm wide

Standard dishwashers with a width of 60 cm - a good solution for large families, as well as for people living in apartments with spacious kitchens, where there is enough free space for the location of a full-sized structure.

In addition, the equipment is perfect for true connoisseurs of perfect cleanliness, since modern devices are equipped with many working programs for efficient washing.

In addition to high-quality cleaning of dishes, built-in dishwashers have the following advantages:

  • the ability to simultaneously clean up to 15 sets of dishes;
  • the presence of high-performance drying;
  • gentle removal of dirt from fragile dishes;
  • low level of sound accompaniment;
  • saving time, water and electricity.

Among disadvantages of embedded technology items such as:

  • the need to use special detergents;
  • it is unacceptable to load dishes with food residues into the appliance;
  • possible difficulties in the installation of the structure;
  • high price.

Popular Devices

To purchase suitable built-in equipment, you should first study the characteristics of models offered by well-known manufacturers with high-efficiency dryers.

Note! The easiest way to do this is with rating, which includes devices from trusted brands.

With condenser dryer

In condensing type devices drying of the cleaned dishes occurs due to the temperature difference established due to the contact of the cold walls of the dishwasher with hot steam.

Such devices have a lot of advantages, including economical energy consumption, low noise operation and affordable price.

Overview of the TOP-5 models with condensation drying according to customer reviews and ratings.


Weissgauff BDW 6043 D

A technological device designed for high-quality cleaning of heavily soiled dishes.

A full-sized instrument with a wide range of operating programs, a spacious chamber and intelligent controls.

The device is equipped with a 1-24 hour delayed start timer, a well-thought-out water leakage protection system and a 3 in 1 automatic detergent recognition function.

In stock there is an indicator of the lack of rinse aid and the presence of salt.


  • loading - 12 sets;
  • water consumption - 12 l;
  • number of working programs - 7;
  • power consumption - 2100 W;
  • parameters - 59.6x55x81.5 cm.


  • a large number of temperature regimes;
  • acceptable noise level;
  • low power consumption;
  • built-in water purity sensor;
  • presence of a display.


  • long wash in standard mode;
  • non-informative instruction;
  • no floor projection.


Weissgauff BDW 6138 D

Multifunctional equipment that effectively copes with the elimination of contaminants without user intervention.

A full-sized gadget that holds 14 sets of dirty dishes.

The unit is equipped with three baskets that allow you to place cutlery separately from dishes, ensuring thorough cleaning.

To determine whether the dishwasher has completed the washing process without opening the door, the owner can use the “beam on the floor” function.


  • loading - 14 sets;
  • water consumption - 10 l;
  • number of working programs - 8;
  • power consumption - 2100 W;
  • parameters - 60x55x82 cm.


  • beam indicator on the floor;
  • effective drying;
  • half load mode;
  • reduced sound level;
  • complete leakage protection.


  • noisy pump for draining water;
  • inability to choose the detergent used;
  • The door does not automatically open.


Electrolux EEA 917100 L

A high-performance model that can instantly clean soiled dishes.

Fully built-in electrical appliance equipped with a spacious working chamber, a delayed start timer and a durable inverter motor.

The device stands out for its silent operation, so that the user can clean the dishes at any time convenient for him, without worrying about the possibility of disturbing the sleep or rest of the household.

An audible signal will notify the owner of the end of the cycle.


  • loading - 13 sets;
  • water consumption - 11 l;
  • number of working programs - 5;
  • power consumption - 1950 W;
  • parameters - 60x55x82 cm.


  • flexible system of fastening of facades;
  • convenient automatic door opening;
  • a wide range of temperature conditions;
  • pre-rinsing function;
  • chamber capacity.


  • insufficient protection against fluid leaks;
  • quick contamination of the glossy case;
  • equipment.


Hotpoint-Ariston HIC 3B+26

An attractive device that will perfectly fit into the overall interior and cope with complex tasks.

Integrated dishwasher with automatic water hardness setting and intelligent controls.

The appliance is equipped with a rinse aid and salt indicator, a multi-level water leakage protection system for safe operation.

Also, this model is equipped with an inverter motor, which guarantees quiet operation.


  • loading - 14 sets;
  • water consumption - 12 l;
  • number of working programs - 6;
  • power consumption - 1900 W;
  • parameters - 60x57x85 cm.


  • safety lock from small children;
  • intuitive interface;
  • basket for dishes with the possibility of regulation;
  • glass holder included;
  • economical energy consumption.


  • difficulties during installation;
  • no display;
  • overcharge.


Bosch SMV44KX00R

An innovative development of a German manufacturer of modern household appliances for a comfortable life.

Functional model with class A dryer, large working chamber with stainless steel inner surface and a beam indicator located on the floor.

The device is equipped with a water purity sensor and full protection against water leakage, so the user does not have to worry about the possibility of flooding the neighbors.

There is also a special tray in the dishwasher, which allows you to conveniently arrange cutlery.


  • loading - 13 sets;
  • water consumption - 11.7 l;
  • number of working programs - 4;
  • power consumption - 2400 W;
  • parameters - 59.8x55x81.5 cm.


  • a sound signal indicating the completion of work;
  • the presence of a timer;
  • simple electronic control;
  • durable inverter motor;
  • built-in display.


  • long wash;
  • scratches on the control panel;
  • no pre-rinse program.

with turbo dryer

It is worth noting! Models with a turbo dryer provide quick drying of washed dishes, since the principle of operation of such units provides for a constant supply of hot air.

Despite the fact that devices equipped with a turbo dryer are characterized by increased power consumption and a higher price, experienced users willingly recommend them for purchase.

Rating of the best models with a turbo dryer.


Beko DIN 14 W13

A full-sized model that combines a large set of functions, laconic design and reasonable price.

Equipped with 4 automatic programs, a delayed start timer, a well-thought-out water protection system and a turbo dryer.

The appliance holds 13 sets of dishes, but can work in half load mode.

Present in the unit and a small display for easy selection of work programs, as well as an indicator of the availability of rinse aid.


  • loading - 13 sets;
  • water consumption - 12 l;
  • number of working programs - 4;
  • power consumption - 2100 W;
  • parameters - 60x55x82 cm.


  • the presence of a light indicator;
  • innovative water softening system;
  • convenient touch control panel;
  • optimal set of washing programs;
  • ease of installation.


  • lack of backlight in the camera;
  • The model does not have a child lock.
  • equipment.


Vestfrost VFDW6053

A device that will be a great solution for a large family and busy people.

A full-size dishwasher equipped with a small display for convenient program selection, a water purity sensor, and a spacious working chamber.

For high-quality, but gentle cleaning of fragile glasses, the device has a special program that provides delicate care.


  • loading - 15 sets;
  • water consumption - 9 l;
  • number of working programs - 8;
  • power consumption - 2100 W;
  • parameters - 59.8x55x82 cm.


  • minimum water consumption;
  • highly efficient drying;
  • half load mode;
  • several automatic programs;
  • Possibility to use 3 in 1 products.


  • difficulty opening the door;
  • long wash;
  • the cost is slightly higher than similar models.


Vestfrost VFDW6041

A powerful gadget that guarantees excellent washing results.

A full-size built-in unit that holds up to 15 standard place settings.

The design is easy to install, so the owner will not have any problems during the installation process.

If necessary, the buyer can use the half load mode.


  • loading - 15 sets;
  • water consumption - 9 l;
  • number of working programs - 9;
  • power consumption - 2200 W;
  • parameters - 59.8x55x82 cm.


  • extra antibacterial program;
  • drying belonging to class A;
  • bright interior lighting;
  • a wide choice of programs;
  • 6 temperature modes.


  • insufficient protection against leaks;
  • increased noise level;
  • no beam on the floor.

With intensive drying

Dishwashers with intensive drying are characterized by economical energy consumption, acceptable cost and high efficiency.

Note! In addition, electrical appliances do not require the installation of additional fans and heating elements, which can fail at the most inopportune moment.

Overview of devices and intensive drying.


Bosch SMV25EX01R

An attractive electrical appliance aimed at quickly cleaning dishes from difficult dirt.

Integrated design with electronic control type, a sufficient number of work programs and a delay start timer.

The features of the appliance are the presence of a height-adjustable basket for dishes, as well as a working chamber with an inner surface made of stainless steel.

There is a holder for glasses and a small tray for cutlery.


  • loading - 13 sets;
  • water consumption - 9.5 l;
  • number of working programs - 5;
  • power consumption - 2400 W;
  • parameters - 60x55 82 cm.


  • reliable protection against water leakage;
  • low sound level;
  • built-in inverter motor;
  • intensive drying of washed dishes;
  • several special programs that simplify the work.


  • smell of plastic on first use;
  • difficult opening of the door;
  • problematic installation of the facade.


Siemens SN 636X03 ME

Ergonomic home assistant, with which you can forget about washing dishes by hand.

Full-sized device with the ability to load 14 sets of soiled dishes.

For thorough cleaning, the device is equipped with a load sensor, a holder for glasses and a separate compartment for cutlery.

There is also a delayed start timer. An audible signal will notify the user of the end of the program.


  • loading - 14 sets;
  • water consumption - 9.5 l;
  • number of working programs - 6;
  • power consumption - 2400 W;
  • parameters - 60x55x81.5 cm.


  • a beam indicator located on the floor;
  • option to pre-soak heavily soiled dishes;
  • express program for quick cleansing;
  • additional drying function;
  • presence of a display.


  • difficulties during installation;
  • long wash in standard mode;
  • lack of instructions in Russian.


Korting KDI 60165

Easy to operate and maintain, the unit is equipped with all the necessary options for thorough cleaning.

Instantaneous water heater, high efficiency dryer and built-in display.

In addition to the standard washing program, the appliance is supplemented with an express program for quick cleaning of dishes and an intensive program for cleaning heavily soiled dishes and cutlery.

The package includes a holder for glasses and a tray for forks and spoons.


  • loading - 14 sets;
  • water consumption - 11 l;
  • number of working programs - 8;
  • power consumption - 2000 W;
  • parameters - 60x54x81.5 cm.


  • intuitive control;
  • multi-level protection against leakage;
  • delayed start timer;
  • application of 3 in 1 products;
  • enough programs.


  • there is no child lock;
  • too loud sound signal;
  • noisy work.

With zeolite drying

It is worth noting! Units with zeolite or intelligent drying are considered the most expensive.

This is explained by their principle of operation is based on built-in sensors that measure the air temperature in the room and set the appropriate operating mode.

The devices have not yet become widespread, however, several interesting models can be found on the domestic market.


Bosch SMV 88TD06R

A well-thought-out machine designed specifically for high-quality cleaning of fragile dishes and cutlery.

Equipped with an inverter motor, equipped with an intelligent control system and a safety lock against small children.

The design is supplemented with a salt presence indicator and a delayed start timer.

After the end of the washing process, the appliance door opens automatically.


  • loading - 14 sets;
  • water consumption - 9.5 l;
  • number of working programs - 8;
  • power consumption - 2400 W;
  • parameters - 59.8x55x81.8 cm.


  • time indication;
  • the presence of a water purity sensor;
  • built-in load sensor;
  • the ability to control from a smartphone;
  • low power consumption.


  • contamination of the control panel;
  • long wash;
  • inconvenient location of compartments.


Siemens SN 678D55 TR

A model with an impressive list of options, characterized by ease of use and affordable price.

A powerful device equipped with an inverter motor, electronic control type and water leakage protection system.

The device operates in 8 modes, which is quite enough for thorough cleaning of heavily soiled dishes without user intervention.

The user has 6 temperature settings to choose from.


  • loading - 14 sets;
  • water consumption - 9.5 l;
  • number of working programs - 8;
  • power consumption - 2400 W;
  • parameters - 59.8x55x81.5 cm.


  • zone of intensive cleansing;
  • bright interior lighting of the chamber;
  • the ability to turn off the sound signal;
  • half load mode;
  • child lock.


  • easily soiled panel;
  • loud sound alerts;
  • uninformative instructions.


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Planning to buy an integrated dishwasher for home use, worth remembering that:

  • when choosing a device, special attention should be paid to the dimensions, the volume of the working chamber and the type of drying;
  • take into account and options like number of operating programs, water consumption and power consumption;
  • important selection criteria is also the presence of multi-level protection against water leaks and a protective lock from small children;
  • the presence of a delayed start timer will make working with the device more convenient.

Useful video

From this video you will learn how to choose the right dishwasher:

  1. Natalia He speaks

    Washing dishes takes a lot of time, especially in a large family. Therefore, we decided to purchase a dishwasher. To be honest, at first there were doubts about the quality of washing and drying. After all, there is little that can replace manual labor. But the purchase is very pleased! It really saves my time. In addition, the consumption of water and electricity. The machine does its job perfectly!

  2. Natalia He speaks

    I have had a built-in dishwasher for 5 years now. Who else thinks or doubts, then discard all doubts. Never regretted the purchase. I see only one plus: a big time saving, the dishes shine, it’s not always possible to do it by hand. And of course saving water and electricity.

  3. Oliwija He speaks

    Hello! We settled on a Bosch dishwasher. We chose for a long time. For me was an important criterion for the time for which the machine can.Bosch has a 30 minute wash program that I was more than satisfied with. Not everyone has such a mini program. Basically, machines wash dishes for an hour or two, and consume a lot of electricity. Who has not chosen yet, take a closer look at BOSCH. She's worth it.

  4. Rushan He speaks

    Like it or not, Bosch has no equal. Although the price is a little expensive, but the quality of the Germans is on top. We have been using the Bosch SMV44KX00R for three years already - no problems. We load, washes, then squeaks. When we open it, everything is perfectly clean, shiny, you can’t wash it with your hands. But there is one caveat, I will write, maybe it will be useful to someone. Heavily soiled dishes must be placed on the lower tray, where they are washed better than when loaded on top.

  5. Lubov He speaks

    Just yesterday I talked with the mother of five children, who also works. He says that at first they had an ordinary dishwasher, not built-in. It took up a lot of space and broke twice in a year. I don't remember the brand. They managed to hand it over under warranty and they returned the cost.
    Then they bought a built-in Bosch. 60 deep, 60 wide. Now it is perfectly hidden behind the door of the kitchen cabinet. At first, they told me, she stood without furniture and there were difficulties in this. Firstly, vibration, and secondly, the door was not pulled back by the kitchen cabinet panel and it constantly wanted to slam shut. Now there is no such problem. She serves them for several years, they wash them twice a day, they are not overjoyed. 12 liters of water consumption per wash, the cost of a good capsule tablet is about 18 rubles. I touched the hot plates “piping hot” and thought that this was also an antibacterial effect.In general, my three are growing up and I understand that I need to tune in to buying such a car, especially since the quality is on top.

  6. Marina He speaks

    A dishwasher is an indispensable assistant in the kitchen for every housewife! How long I doubted the need for a dishwasher and now I regret that I did not buy it earlier. You can compare this technique with a washing machine. Either you wash it with your hands, or you load the laundry and forget about it ... Of course, you should approach the purchase wisely, saving here will be inappropriate.

  7. WickedSveta He speaks

    When moving to a new apartment, the kitchen was equipped carefully and meticulously. We all work and study, so the question of installing a dishwasher was not even discussed. Installed it built in and it turned out great. You can't see anything, you can hardly hear anything. On the floor, only the time until the end of the wash is displayed. The family was very pleased with the first couple of years, because the savings in time and nerves are enormous.
    And then it started. Either it will wash poorly, then it will turn off in the process. In the end, it completely broke down. And now, in order to properly repair it, you need to break half the kitchen.
    Therefore, for me, now the first selection criterion is the maintainability of embedded equipment. Will the master be able to fix the unit on the spot or not.

  8. Tatiana He speaks

    Who washed tons of dishes by hand, he will undoubtedly understand me! Since guests often gather in our house, I had endless dishes, so my only dream was a dishwasher! Thank you dear friends for giving me a large capacity built-in Bosh dishwasher. Comfort decorates our lives, whatever one may say!

  9. Irina He speaks

    We built ourselves a kitchen of 16 square meters.So far, we are only planning its design, and I immediately asked to include a dishwasher in kitchen appliances. This proposal was accepted with hostility! But who, besides the hostess herself, knows how much time it takes to wash dishes ?! In general, we will buy a dishwasher, it remains to choose a model. Alas, I do not know how to approach the choice. I know that I need a large one, 60 liters, no less. None of your models show displacement.

    By the way, what does the number 13 sets of dishes mean? What is included? Glass, fork, plate? Or a small plate too? Tell me more for newcomers like me.

    How loud do the machines “beep” after washing dishes?

    And as practice has shown, saving on the functionality of devices is a bad idea. I bought an oven without a timer, now I'm suffering with it.

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      First, the dishwasher is definitely worth designing. You can only make a cavity under it and a door, as well as bring communications. And buy and install it yourself later, when the money for the device itself appears.

      Regarding the capacity in sets of dishes, it includes items that are necessary for a full meal for one person, namely:

      • soup plate;
      • a flat plate for a second course;
      • salad plate;
      • saucer;
      • coffee or tea mug;
      • a spoon and a fork.
  10. Maria He speaks

    Hi all! I have been using a dishwasher for more than 10 years, I can’t imagine how other women still wash dishes with their hands! Dishwashers are economical, save a lot of time that you can spend with your family. Disinfect dishes. The skin of the hands and nails are in order, the manicure does not deteriorate. I recommend to everyone.

  11. Natalia He speaks

    The dishwasher is the best invention. Salvation for women's hands. My personal opinion. Especially when there are often guests in the house. I use equipment from Electrolux. Haven't let me down yet. Quiet operation, quite versatile and roomy. We bought on the advice of sales consultants and did not regret it. I was very pleased with the touch control, although I rarely trust such chips. You do not need to wipe the dishes a second time, the machine does its job.

  12. Larisa He speaks

    The built-in dishwasher is a time saver, water consumption, an excellent opportunity not to bother with washing children's dishes (the main thing is to choose a product that is safe for children). Bottles, nipples, any utensils are perfectly washed at a temperature of 60 degrees, no additional processing with a sterilizer is required. The most important thing is to choose the optimal size of the machine - it is better to order more in order to wash dishes less often and save energy! And also give preference to a well-known, reliable brand!

    1. Igor Zubarev He speaks

      Thanks for your comment Larissa!

  13. Julia He speaks

    I have had a dishwasher for three years. Who doubts whether it is necessary to buy - it is a must! Everyone has long been accustomed to washing machines, but we wash dishes much more often than we wash clothes. For me, she is now indispensable. In addition, we do not have central hot water, so it is very convenient that she herself heats and does everything and at the same time water from the boiler is not wasted.
    We have a large one, 60 cm built-in, with a third shelf for cutlery, which saves space on the shelves for dishes. Family of 4 people.
    When choosing, be guided by the approximate volume, how many dishes you use per day.But it’s better to take more, it’s more convenient to accommodate baking sheets, pots, pans. After all, the number of sets is an abstract concept; in practice, dishes are not used in such sets.

  14. Lina He speaks

    We have an age-old dispute between the older and younger generations - to wash or not to wash dishes in a typewriter. Everything is as usual, they say, no one has washed it before and died from it. For us, the answer is quite obvious - the dishwasher "steers"! Everything was left behind - terrible dishwashing detergents, and mountains of dirty dishes in the sink, and a sore back, and several hours a day spent washing. During the day, we gradually fill the machine with dishes and at night, when we go to bed, we put it into operation. Perfect work schedule, I assure you! The main criteria for us in choosing were three factors: size, silence and the ability to use various laundry detergents (powder, gel or “tablets”).

  15. Ilya He speaks

    Good day. For a long time I have been trying to convince my 60-year-old grandmother to install a built-in dishwasher in her house. I settled on the Beko DIN 14 W13 option (I was advised by friends who have it), since this machine is more suitable for the interior of my grandmother's house, it is also an affordable price, and most importantly, it makes a minimum amount of sound (which is important for my grandmothers). Last weekend, I agreed with my friends that I would bring my grandmother to them to test this machine. And what do you think? Tomorrow we will install it in my grandmother's house! She was amazed by her, and immediately reported that it was much easier than washing everything by hand.

  16. MRS He speaks

    I would really like to purchase an integrated dishwasher.We have been using “dishwashers” for a very long time, and believe me, the quality of life from this changes significantly for the better. Even the preparation of complex dishes you start more willingly, since you do not have to wash the dishes afterwards. Only the pleasure of creating a culinary masterpiece! A built-in machine is generally an ideal option. It looks aesthetically pleasing, especially if your kitchen is combined with a living room, for example. The unit will not stand out against the background of beautiful furniture. And if you have a studio apartment, and you sleep where you cook, it seems to me that this is the only right choice. I used different models of dishwashers: Miele is the best. The quality of washing is unsurpassed! The price is certainly high, but it's worth it!

  17. Anastasia He speaks

    Without a dishwasher - it is no longer possible to imagine your life. Huge time savings. Very comfortably. It took me a long time to find a new dishwasher. We chose the model - Boch SMV 88TD06 R.
    The price is quite high, but justified. Easy to load dishes, roomy. Washes and dries very well. A nice plus is the launch from a smartphone. Doesn't make noise. Great variety of programs. Leak protection. Safely. There are indicators of salt and rinse aid, these functions were very lacking in the previous dishwasher. I'm interested in the question if you buy 5 in 1 tablets, etc. , do I need to add more rinse aid and use salt?

  18. svetlana1000 He speaks

    Good time everyone. Yes, the dishwasher is a life saver!!! For more than a year our family, happy owners of this technique. We don't regret our purchase at all! Irreplaceable helper! They quickly adapted to arrange the dishes and figured out the settings for hard water according to the instructions.We use the means, and salt and rinse aid, everything is as it should be, in order to extend the life of the equipment and enjoy the result. I heard from many, and read reviews, they say, this is a costly business. Nothing like this. According to the counters, for one good washing of dishes by hand, it took us 146 liters of water, we were shocked. In the car, all this dirty disgrace was washed the next day in an hour at 60 degrees for 9 liters of water and only taking one cold one. Here, consider yourself. For such a difference only in water, you pay for detergents for the car. And believe me, some vacuum cleaners will take more electricity from you than this assistant!!! Your arms and back will only thank you!!! If suddenly after washing you have a white coating on the dishes, do not despair. Pour lemons into the floor of the powder compartment and run the sink again straight with the dishes. Everything will be washed away!!! Change the salt, unfortunately, this happens from some salt. Buy, the dishwasher is really irreplaceable!!!

  19. Katrina He speaks

    If you want to save your time and effort, then a dishwasher is definitely what you need. Many say that much more water is spent with it than with "standard" work. Not really. The machine draws exactly the amount of water that it needs. But while you are reaching for a mug, then while you put the washed plates on the dryer to make room, you drain just the difference in consumption that you could save. When we bought a dishwasher, the first question of friends was: “how do you like this bandura in the kitchen?”. Quite comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.This very “bandura” can be selected by color and size so that it does not look like a black metal box in the kitchen, but harmoniously complements the overall look. And you know, I do not regret the acquisition. And I advise everyone!

  20. Elvira He speaks

    I have a Hotpoint-Ariston built-in dishwasher. My husband tried to persuade me to buy it for a long time, but I was against it. I thought it was a useless thing, which also costs decent money. And now this is my favorite technique that saves a lot of time, nerves and water. Especially after the arrival of children, the dishwasher is my salvation. I turn it on before going to bed, in the morning all the dishes shine. Just remember to clean your car once a month and choose quality tablets. And then, once I bought cheap ones, I scratched all the dishes. In principle, the car is not bad, but next time I want to buy Bosch.

  21. Anton He speaks

    Bought a Hot Point dishwasher 4 years ago. It was planned during the development of the kitchen design and a false cabinet was made for it, so we already knew the depth and width. The choice fell on this manufacturer based on reviews. And on the birthday of the wife, it turned out to carry out the plan. We are satisfied, the dishwasher washes even heavily frozen dirt from the pan. And most importantly, the wife had more free time.

  22. Catherine He speaks

    Since I recently gave birth, there is no time for constant dishwashing, and buying a built-in dishwasher is the way out for me. It attracts the fact that it washes a large amount of dishes in a short time, while using not very much water. In addition, the machine is not noisy, which is important if you have a baby in the apartment.As a result, I always have clean and dry dishes and a lot of time that I can spend with my child.

  23. Chuvilkin He speaks

    Hi all! Recently, after a day of work, after seeing dirty dishes in the sink, I wondered, “What if there is something that saves me time?”. I didn’t really understand what this car was, so the first thing I did was look for information on the Internet. Once on this site, I was surprised by how many machines are now on the market, they all have pros and cons, the site shows and explains this very well. After sitting and thinking, I decided that it was better to take a little more expensive, but better, which I did by choosing a Bosch SMV25EX01R dishwasher.

  24. AllaAlla He speaks

    In the modern world, having a dishwasher in the kitchen is a must. My assistant is a Haier machine. Some features are delayed start, leak and overfill protection, child lock, 10 set capacity, foldable plate holders. The machine is fully built-in, so the control panel is located on the top and consists of keys with indication and display. The internal part is made of stainless steel, which gives a guarantee of protection against corrosion for many years. The lower basket is for the largest dishes, the upper one is for cutlery, it is convenient to place plates in the middle basket. An intensive mode is provided for the most soiled dishes. The dishwasher needs care, which boils down to washing the filter and water sprinklers (once a month).

  25. Victor He speaks

    wow, cool hotpoint, and a normal price, why are you, for such characteristics

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